Registration & Details
PDF-iconProvincial Registry safety exam registration form 2015-1.pdf (95KB)

PTCMAAS professional membership requires an approved Acupuncture Safety and Clean Needle Technique certificate. We encourage applicants who require the Certificate to get it from a province which offers the course regularly. The Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary (CITCM) offers the course at least once a year (403-520-5258) and Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. However, they don't usually arrange their courses for people traveling from out of town. So the courses are either a few hours each week, or split between two weekends. 

We are in the process of arranging a Safety Course for PTCMAAS applicants in 2017. The format will be 8 hours online material + 8 hours in-person training and exam. If you require this certificate for your membership and are interested in signing up, please contact Acupuncture Safety Course in Saskatchewan

To be announced. 

In-person training and exam will be either Regina or Saskatoon. Specific details to be announced.

$450 + 22.50 GST = $472.50