Registration & Details

PTCMAAS professional membership requires an approved Acupuncture Safety and Clean Needle Technique certificate. We encourage applicants who require the Certificate to get it from a province which offers the course regularly. The Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary (CITCM) offers the course at least once a year (403-520-5258) and Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. However, they don't usually arrange their courses for people traveling from out of town. So the courses are either a few hours each week, or split between several weekends. 

We are in the process of arranging a Safety Course for PTCMAAS applicants in early 2018. The format will be 8 hours online material + 8 hours in-person training and exam. If you require this certificate for your membership and are interested in signing up, please contact Acupuncture Safety Course in Saskatchewan

Saturday or Sunday, in early 2018.

In-person training and exam will be Saskatoon. Specific details to be announced.

$450 + 22.50 GST = $472.50