Annual General Meeting 2016
Sunday June 5, 2016, 10:00am to 4pm.
United Way Connects, 1440 Scarth St., Regina Saskatchewan


  1. Continuing Education seminars 10:00 am -12:00 pm (2 CEUs)
    1. Speakers: Weiping Wang, Matthew Norick, David Ip
  2. Call formal meeting to order 1:00pm
  3. Take attendance
  4. Review and adopt agenda
    1. Motion: Adopt the Agenda as presented or amended.
  5. Review and approve Minutes from previous AGM
    1. Motion: Approve the Minutes as presented or amended.
  6. Matters arising from Minutes
    1. Membership residency requirement. Discussion: a 2014 motion was tabled regarding members living in Saskatchewan but practicing in Alberta: can a Saskatchewan resident be a member if they are practicing outside Saskatchewan? Several of our insurance companies approve practitioners according to the province’s legislation where they practice. For example, if a PTCMAAS member practices in Alberta, they must meet the legal requirements for an Alberta practitioner as well as the PTCMAAS requirements. Therefore, their membership in PTCMAAS would not be enough for their Alberta patients to receive insurance coverage from those companies. However, the practitioner would still be welcome to be a member if they wish, for example, to support the Society and participate in professional exchange. Since our current bylaws do not prevent this kind of membership, and changing the bylaws does not benefit potential members or the Society, no motion is prepared to change the membership definition.
  7. Presentation of President’s Annual Report
  8. Presentation of Accounts -Treasurer
    1. Motion: Approve the Treasurer’s Reports as presented or amended.
    2. Motion: Waive audit of the 2015 accounts (requires 2/3 support of membership)
  9. Election for Board of Directors (three positions open) Continuing directors beginning 2nd year are MN, DH, KJ, YX. Completed 2-year terms: DI, AW, GN.
    1. Present nominations received prior to the meeting
    2. Motion: Open the floor to nominations
    3. Motion: Close the floor to nominations
    4. If number of nominations is equal to or less than the number of open positions, then no election will be held and the candidates will be declared elected by acclamation.
    5. Appoint Scrutineers
    6. Vote
    7. Scrutineers tally the votes and present results
    8. Motion: Destroy ballots
  10. Other Business
    1. Proposed changes to the Bylaws
                                               i.     Fiscal year end. Motion: change Financial Year to June 1 to May 31. _______ moves. _________ seconds.

Discussion: Current financial year end is December 31. However, Annual Return Date and Financial Statement due date is July 31. It would simplify our record-keeping if our year-end is closer to the Annual Return due date July 31.

Suggested: June 1-May 31. Year end must be approved by Information Services Corporation (ISC) for the government. ISC approves of the change.

                                             ii.     Code of Ethics. Motion: adopt, in principle, the CTCMA Code of Ethics. _______ moves. _________ seconds.

Discussion: On June 5, 2015, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA) gave their approval for our members to use their Code of Ethics. This is part of their acupuncture and TCM legislation. There are a few references to the B.C. College which are not relevant to PTCMAAS. The rest of the Code can be adopted as written. PTCMAAS has the goal of setting standards equivalent to those of provinces which already have acupuncture and/or TCM legislation already. Many practitioners whom we recognize as having high professional standards have worked on this Code already. We do not have the resources to prepare a new one for ourselves at this time. Therefore, we propose to adopt the CTCMA Code of Ethics in principle with the understanding that those references that are not relevant to Saskatchewan can be ignored, or that we can modify those minor sections as desired by the membership.

    1. Proposed policies.
                                               i.     Standards of Practice. Discussion: we are not planning to formalize Standards of Practice in our Bylaws at this time, mainly because we cannot enforce the Standards of Practice, nor is it realistic until there is a legislative authority (licensure). Members are asked for input into a Recommended Standards of Practice (i.e., not legally binding). No motion is prepared.

    1. Other
                                               i.     Paid Secretary/Treasurer position. Discussion.

  1. Closing remarks
Election of Officers

The Board of Directors shall elect its officers each year following the election of new Board members at the Annual General Meeting. An officer must be a member of the Board of Directors and be currently practicing acupuncture/TCM in Saskatchewan according to PTCMAAS Inc. standards.