Applicants must complete a Clean Needle Technique and Acupuncture Safety Course to qualify for membership in PTCMAAS.
This course is a standard requirement in all Canadian provinces with acupuncture legislation and most of the states in the USA. The course is available from Acupuncture and TCM schools in Alberta, B.C., and other provinces which have acupuncture legislation. However, these courses are usually part of the school curriculum. So they may be held in classes once or twice a week for several months. 

Most Canadian schools of TCM or Acupuncture will include the course on the student's transcripts. Some organizations that offer the course outside of a school will issue a certificate of completion. Either this certificate or the transcript showing the completed course are acceptable.

We have partnered with the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) in Calgary to offer the Alberta course for PTCMAAS applicants who meet all of our other requirements.
  • The course is usually held once a year (when there is demand).
  • It is 12 hours on one or two weekends in Regina or Saskatoon.
  • We request a minimum of four participants to hold the course.
  • The cost is $262.50 per person which includes instruction, study materials, exams, and certificates (for successful candidates).
  • There may incidental expenses which will be announced well before the course. 
  • The language of the course, materials and exams is English. Participants are welcome to bring someone with them to assist with language if they wish. The assistant does not have to pay. 
  • The date and location of the course are decided with the applicants.
Passing the Safety Course does not guarantee PTCMAAS membership. We strongly recommend that you ensure you will meet all your other requirements before applying for the Safety course. 

For more information, or to register for the Safety Course, please contact PTCMAAS.

The official language of PTCMAAS is English, including all documents, meetings, and communications. We have translated a few documents as a courtesy; we cannot translate all documents. If there is a disagreement in the translation, the English version is the official one.

PTCMAAS使用的官方言是英包括所有文件,会和通信交流。了方便大家,我了几个文件; 但我不可能翻所有文件。如果您在翻上有异以英版本