The PTCMAAS Annual General Meeting for 2021 has been set for: June 13, 2021 via Zoom at 10:00 AM.

The AGM is typically on a 
Sunday in June  from  starting at 10:00 AM
The location usually alternates each year between Regina and Saskatoon. It is Regina's turn in 2020.

Detailed agenda will be posted in the future. Call for nominations is given below in English and Chinese.

* Due to COVID-19 AGM will take place via Zoom call.*


  1. Continuing Education seminars 10:00 am -12:00 pm (2 CEUs)
  2. Call formal meeting to order 1:00pm (3 CEUs)
  3. Take attendance
  4. Review and adopt agenda
    1. Motion: Adopt the Agenda as presented or amended.
  5. Review and approve Minutes from previous AGM
    1. Motion: Approve the Minutes as presented or amended.
  6. Matters arising from Minutes
  7. Presentation of President’s Annual Report
  8. Presentation of Accounts -Treasurer
    1. Motion: Approve the Treasurer’s Reports as presented or amended.
    2. Motion: Waive audit of the accounts (requires 2/3 support of membership)
  9. Election for Board of Directors (three or four positions open) Continuing directors beginning 2nd year are . Completed 2-year terms: .
    1. Present nominations received prior to the meeting
    2. Motion: Open the floor to nominations
    3. Motion: Close the floor to nominations
    4. If number of nominations is equal to or less than the number of open positions, then no election will be held and the candidates will be declared elected by acclamation.
    5. Appoint Scrutineers
    6. Vote
    7. Scrutineers tally the votes and present results
    8. Motion: Destroy ballots
  10. Other Business
    1. Proposed changes to the Bylaws

    1. Proposed policies.

Call for nominations of Directors / 2020年招募理事细则 [Chinese text below]

Directors’ term

  • PTCMAAS is managed by a Board of seven Directors. A Director’s term is for two years. Each year, three or four Directors are elected. This system ensures that there are some Directors with experience each year.
Directors’ responsibilities and activities

  • A minimum of four meetings is required each year, but usually there are more. Most meetings are internet-based conference calls. Also, individual Directors do lots of work outside of meetings.
  • Directors are not paid for their work.
  • For detailed information about responsibilities and activities, please see the Society Bylaws [excerpt below].
Who can be nominated

  • Please see Bylaws excerpt below for who can be elected, and how the election is managed.

  • If you would like to nominate yourself or another member for election, please send the name, contact information, and a short biography (see below) to
PTCMAAS Registrar
105 McMurchy Avenue, Unit 1
Regina SK  S4R 3G5

or mailto:p 

  • You may also nominate yourself or another member at the election during the Annual General Meeting.
  • This year, we need to fill four (4) Board positions. Nominations mailed in and nominations made during the meeting will be presented. If there are 4 or less nominations, then no election will be held and the candidates will be declared elected.

Biography and campaign message

Please include a short biography so that members can know a little bit about nominees. For example:

  • “Jane Smith graduated from Beijing TCM University, with a Bachelor of TCM in 1992 and a Master of TCM in 1995. She worked in Pediatrics at Beijing TCM Hospital No. 5 for 3 years, then moved to Saskatchewan. She opened Yi Er San Clinic in Regina in 1999 where she offers acupuncture, herbology and tuina. She has been a member of PTCMAAS since 2012, and is also a member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC). She has been on the Board of Directors of her children’s Day Care centre, and is the Treasurer of the City Soccer Club.”
If you wish, you may send a campaign message (optional). For example:

  • “Jane is interested in sharing professional expertise and would like to work on Continuing Education for Society members, such as workshops and discussion groups by members.”
  • “Dewei is very concerned about insurance coverage for patients. He wants the Society to work for more benefits for patients. He believes the Society can be a strong advocate for TCM patients.”
  • “Dr. Dong would like to help the Society to get acupuncture and TCM regulated in Saskatchewan. He has many contacts in Canada and China who are interested in this.”

PTCMAAS elections and voting are governed by Bylaw Article IX as follows:

Section A. Eligible Voters

Members who have paid their annual dues and met all requirements of the PTCMAAS Inc. by the date of the election of the current year shall be eligible to vote.

Section B. Nominations

1.     All nominees shall be voting members of the PTCMAAS Inc., current in their dues.
2.     Nominations shall initially be made from the floor at the scheduled Board meeting prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.
3.     Nominations may be made by mail; however, such nominations must be received by the Secretary no later than six (6) weeks prior to the scheduled Annual General Meeting in order to appear on the official ballot.
4.     Nominations maybe made from the floor during the Annual Membership Meeting, but shall not be pre-printed on the official ballots.
5.     Write-in votes shall be permitted on the ballot.
6.     Accepted nominees may be required to submit a statement of disclosure with respect to possible conflicts of interest.

Section C. Campaigning

1.     Nominees shall be encouraged to write a campaign statement for inclusion with the ballots no later than five (5) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
2.     Those nominated later may send campaign statements to the membership at their own expense.

Section D. Elections

  1.  Election Ballots
    1. All election voting shall be by ballot.
    2. Official ballots shall be mailed to all eligible voters who are current in their dues no later than three (3) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Voting members who pay their dues within the three (3) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting shall not receive a ballot by mail but may pick up a ballot in person at the Annual General Meeting.
    4. In the event that a vote cannot be cast on an official ballot form, such vote shall be submitted on the eligible member's letterhead, shall clearly identify the voter, and shall be signed by the eligible voter.
    5. Ballots shall be mailed to the Secretary of the PTCMAAS Inc. or brought to the Annual General Meeting.
    6. All ballots must be received before or at the Annual General Meeting in order to be counted.
  2. Mailing of Election Ballots
    1. Ballots mailed to the Secretary shall be sealed inside a plain envelope which shall then be placed within a second envelope that clearly identifies the eligible voter and marked with the word "Ballot Enclosed".
    2. All ballots received by mail shall remain unopened until counted at the Annual Membership Meeting.
  3. Counting of Election Ballots
    1. Ballots shall be counted at the Annual Membership Meeting by two Board members who are not up for election
    2. In the event there are not two such Board members present, ballots shall be counted by two impartialmembers present at the Annual General Meeting, selected by those present.
  4. Results of Ballot Counting
    1. Members receiving the most votes from all eligible ballots cast shall be those elected to the Board.
Section E. Election Protests
1.     Election protests shall be decided by the Election Committee.
2.     The Election Committee shall have either three (3) or five (5) members, as determined by the Board of Directors.




例如: 4位今年入选的理事的工作时间是2018年到2020年,明年就会有3位理事入选。







PTCMAAS Registrar 


105 McMurchy Avenue, Unit 1

Regina SK S4R 3G5               














1.     所有被提名人都应当是已缴纳年费,具有PTCMAAS 有投票资格的会员。

2.     最初提名应该在年会前的理事会议上提出。

3.     提名可以信件送达。但是为了保证能将候选人的名字在正式选票上打印出来,提名需在年会6周前寄到秘书处。

4.     在年会现场也可以直接提名候选人,但其姓名不会被预先印制。

5.     可以接受手写选票。

6.     被接受的被提名人将会签署一份利益冲突声明。


1.  鼓励候选人于年会5周之前写一份竞选宣言以便与选票一同印制。

2.  之后的候选人将自费将竞选宣言发送给会员。



a. 所有选举以选票方式投票。

b. 正式选票将在年会前3周寄送给所有已缴纳年费的现有会员。

c. 在年会前3周之内缴纳年费或者在年会当日缴纳年费的会员将不会收到邮寄的


d. 如果投票不能以正式选票的形式进行,那么有资格投票的会员应在自己的信头纸上清楚注明投票人姓名,并签字提交选票。

e. 选票将会邮寄给PTCMAAS的秘书,或者直接送到年会现场。

f. 为了计算选票,需要在年会前或年会上收到所有选票。


       a. 所有寄送至秘书的选票都要先封存在一个普通信封内然后再装入第二个信封,


       b. 所有收到的邮寄选票在年会唱票前都应保持封存。


       a. 选票在年会上由两名不参加选举的理事共同计算。

       b. 如果出现不足两名合格理事来计票,则由参加年会的会员推选两名不参加选举的



       a. 获得最高合格选票的候选人将进入理事会。




The official language of PTCMAAS is English, including all documents, meetings, and communications. We have translated a few documents as a courtesy; we cannot translate all documents. If there is a disagreement in the translation, the English version is the official one.

PTCMAAS使用的官方言是英包括所有文件,会和通信交流。了方便大家,我了几个文件; 但我不可能翻所有文件。如果您在翻上有异以英版本